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Becoming a student starts with 2 easy steps

Placement Testing

Placement testing is required for first-time college students and some transfer students. Students without recent ACT or SAT scores take a series of placement exams in our Testing Center before enrolling in classes. Transfer students must send an official college transcript form from their previous institution in order to enroll in classes.

Incoming students who were not previously enrolled and/or do not have college credit need to have ACT or Accuplacer scores for placement. If the student was originally placed with a Compass score, and has been continuously enrolled in classes, s/he does not need to take the Accuplacer test.

Quick guide to testing

Conditional Admission

Students who score in an identified range on either the Accuplacer or ACT test are considered “conditionally admitted” to college-level courses at Donnelly College. Conditionally admitted students participate in a program shown by research to increase retention and provide a stronger foundation for future academic work. As a participant in the program, the student’s first semester course schedule will include: Composition I (EN 111), First Year Experience (CCS 101), math course (MT____), an elective course and Strategies Support for Academic Success (CCS 103). This schedule classifies the student as full-time (12+ credit hours). If a student is enrolling part-time, the schedule will be adjusted. Students are strong encouraged to work no more than 20 hours per week during the semester.

Conditionally admitted students agree to the following:

  • Take the prescribed course load of no more than 15 credit hours their first semester.
  • Meet with an assigned mentor at least once every two weeks throughout the semester.
  • Attend tutoring or receive supplemental instruction at least weekly.
  • Be involved in and/or attend at least one extra-curricular activity during the semester.
  • Speak with their course instructor if a D or F is received on any assignment, quiz, or test. 
  • Complete a grade check form to be signed by instructors throughout the semester.

Placement Policies

Advanced Placement Test

Donnelly College uses the College Board Advanced Placement Tests to award graduation credit and/or advanced placement in courses. Donnelly College assigns credit rather than a grade. Advanced Placement scores are evaluated for transfer credits in the same manner as college transfer credits. The table below shows the Donnelly College equivalencies:

Subject Score Equivalent Credits


3 BL 101 and 101.1 5
Calculus AB  3 MT 231 5
Calculus BC 3 MT 232 5
Chemistry 3 CH 101 5
Computer Science A 3 IT 111 and IT 123 6
English Language 3 EN 111 3
  4-5 EN 111 and 112 6
English Literature 3 EN 220 3
  4-5 EN 220 and 221 6
Environmental Science 3 BL 141 3
US Government and Politics  3 PS 111 3
Human Geography 3 GE 101 3
Physics B     3 PX 110 5
Physics C   3 PX 111 5
Psychology 3 PY 101 3
Spanish Language 3 SP 101 5
  4-5 SP 101 and 102 10
Statistics   3 MT 121 3
US History   3 HS 120 and 121 6
World History 3 HS 101 and 102 6

Cost and Financial Aid

  • Cost - Summary of tuition and fees you may incur as a student.
  • Financial Aid - Learn more about possible loans, grants and scholarships to make college affordable

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