Mission, Vision & Values


Donnelly College is a Catholic institution of higher education that seeks to continue the mission of Jesus Christ in our time by making the love of God tangible in our world.

Specifically, the mission of Donnelly College is to provide education and community services with personal concern for the needs and abilities of each student, especially those who might not otherwise be served.


The vision of Donnelly College is to advance the common good by being the most accessible and transformative Catholic College in the country.

Donnelly's Values 

The three values are the pillars of our mission at Donnelly College:

Seek Truth

Donnelly seeks to inspire lifelong discovery and the communication of truth by exploring the connectedness of all things, studying the intersections of faith and reason, and engaging in civil dialogue with all peoples.

As a Catholic institution of higher education, we are a community of scholars and “fellow learners” seeking to discover and communicate truth as best as we can grasp and understand it. We believe that faith and reason (fides et ratio) “…bear harmonious witness to the unity of all truth.” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, 17). A Catholic college “is a place of research, where scholars scrutinize reality with the methods proper to each academic discipline, and so contribute to the treasury of human knowledge. Each individual discipline is studied in a systematic manner; moreover, the various disciplines are brought into dialogue for their mutual enhancement.” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, 15). Donnelly College students, staff and faculty seek truth in all things.

Build Community

Donnelly seeks to motivate actions and relationships that promote a just community, recognizing that every person has inherent dignity and potential, and that we serve God by serving God’s people.

Rooted in Benedictine and Christian values, Donnelly College is proud of its diverse and inclusive community. We seek “to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God” (cf Micah 6:8). Donnelly College faculty and staff seek to serve our students and the greater community, instilling in each person a sense of great dignity, personal vocation and calling to be servant leaders. Donnelly College is committed to build community in all places.

Pursue Excellence

Donnelly seeks to challenge people to become the best version of themselves in their vocation, personal life, civic engagement and faith pursuit. Excellence requires perseverance amidst obstacles, striving beyond what is comfortable, openness to new ideas, a commitment to quality, and concerted effort.

Here at Donnelly College we serve our faculty, staff and students best when we challenge each other to become “the best versions of ourselves.” We strive for excellence in scholarship, in the classroom and in our various extracurricular activities. We strive for personal holiness and virtue through our varied religious traditions and practices. As a community and as individuals, we accept the ongoing challenge to grow and improve, to preserve and keep striving, to always reach higher in our goals and efforts. Donnelly College in Kansas City, Kansas pursues excellence at all times.