Pursue Excellence 

One purpose of college is to find a field that fits your interests and prepares you for a rewarding career. The faculty and staff at Donnelly will work with you to identify your strengths, nurture your skills and help chart your course to a bright future.

Our students tailor their full- or part-time class schedules to balance family and work commitments. Some spend four years earning a bachelor’s degree while many earn an associate degree in two years, then enroll in a bachelor’s degree program, enter the workforce or pursue specialized training. In even shorter periods, others become certified in specific career fields such as nursing.


Donnelly College Learning Outcomes 

Donnelly College has seven college-level learning outcomes that constitute the foundation of the College’s general education.

  1. Communication Skills: Students will communicate effectively in writing and speaking.
  2. Technology and Information Literacy Skills: Students will demonstrate proficiency in information literacy skills.
  3. Symbolic Problem Solving: Students will demonstrate competency in qualitative and quantitative problem solving.  
  4. Analytical Thinking: Students will employ reflective thinking to evaluate diverse ideas in the search for truth.
  5. Personal and Interpersonal Skills: Students will develop an understanding across cultural differences locally, nationally, and internationally.
  6. Academic Inquiry: Students will engage independently and effectively in lifelong learning.
  7. Values: Students will demonstrate moral and ethical behavior in keeping with our Catholic identity.
Why Donnelly? Named Most Diverse, 12-student class average, 61% receive scholarship and aid, 36 countries of birth are represented

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