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The College’s official logos may not be distorted, redrawn or changed in any way, nor combined with any other mark. Before using any Donnelly College logo, please review Donnelly College’s logo standards below. If you have questions, please email


Donnelly College Logo

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Donnelly College (Official Seal)

The Donnelly College logo is the official seal, adapted from the College’s original coat of arms. Donnelly’s traditional colors are gray and deep red, with its silver shield and red cross derived from the shield of St. George for Donnelly’s founder and first honorary president, Bishop George J. Donnelly (1889-1950).

Used for: Internal and external purposes for official documents, academic related activities, Board activities, etc.

Donnelly College (Merchandise Logo)

The College also has a merchandise logo, which reflects Donnelly College’s abbreviated name, DC, connected by a Benedictine cross. This logo showcases Donnelly’s Benedictine foundations and Catholic values as well as the College’s historic liberal arts emphasis.

Used for: Sports clubs, internal community flyers, bookstore goods, embroidery, etc.


The Donnelly Dragon

The college welcomed the Donnelly Dragon as it's new mascot on January 24, 2019. At the unveiling Lisa Stoothoff, Dean of the College and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, said "The Donnelly mascot is a unique member of our community which will unify our students and staff. The Donnelly Dragon is a way to show our pride in this great institution of faith and learning."

Used for: Internal and external purposes, student-related activities, etc.


The Seelos Institute



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