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College years can be challenging for many different reasons. Donnelly's Counseling Center offers many counseling services to our students, faculty and staff free of charge. Visits to the Counseling Center and the contents of counseling sessions are strictly confidential. 

Counseling Services are still available!

Counseling sessions may be conducted remotely thorugh a service which guarantees HIPPA compliance and security. 


The Counseling Center phone is still being answered during business hours. Please leave a message if it goes to voicemail and you leave a message your call will be returned. If your call is an emergency, please diall 911 when an immediate response is needed.  

If you are in need of resources such as food, clothing, help with housing or utilities etc, you can dial 211 from any cell phone to reach United Way who can direct you an appropriate agency. You can also access them via their website

Walk-ins Welcome at the Counseling Center

The Center is not currently available for walk-ins as needed during the Covid-19 closures. In other times, if you would like to visit with a Counselor you may come to RM 710. If the door is open, then a Counselor is available to meet with you at that time for a walk-in. You may also request a meeting for a specific time/day by making a reservation above.


NEW! Question, Persuade, Refer ® Suicide Prevention Training ONLINE

Learn how to be a "lifesaver" in just one hour. Free QPR class open to all students, staff and faculty. 

To access the online training, first set-up your account by entering the organizational code: DC and using your Donnelly email to register.  You will receive an email with your personal login information. When done, print off your certificate of completion. 

Note: and emails must be used when registering. Email for questions about the training. 

Services Available

Free Online Mental Health Screenings are now available. Take one of the anonymous screening for: depression, bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, eating disorders or alcohol use disorders. You can print your results and follow up with an appointment at the Center.*

Individual and couples counseling is available on a short-term basis for psychological and personal issues such as adjustment to college life, interpersonal/relationship issues, stress management, grief and loss, family concerns, alcohol and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and suicidality.

Classroom visits and presentations are available upon request for one of our staff members to visit your classroom to provide counseling and psychology related informational presentations.

Question, Persuade, Refer® Suicide Prevention Trainings are available to staff, faculty, and student leaders regularly during the year. QPR training will provide you with the basics on what the warning signs are and how to help someone in need. Training is also available to anyone from the Donnelly College community; please contact the Counseling Center for more details.*

Suicide prevention resources are available online.*

Counseling center workshops and Power Hour presentations on topics such as time management and stress relief are offered from a counseling center staff member. See the Donnelly College calendar for upcoming presentations or contact the center to request a workshop for your campus organization.

Consultations are available for faculty, staff and students who want to discuss counseling services for themselves or someone else. 

Referral information is provided to student, staff and faculty when more specialized or comprehensive treatment is needed, or if off-campus counseling services are preferred by the client.

Other services upon request are available, such as group facilitation and family therapy. Contact the center for details.

*Grant funded by the SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Campus Suicide Prevention Grant Program


Still have questions? We want to answer them! Try our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Need more information? Contact: 

Susan Lechliter

Director of Counseling Center I Lansing Correctional Program Coordinator

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Please bring these forms with you when you come to your first counseling appointment.


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Drug and Alcohol Use

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