Bachelor of Business Leadership Student in library at Donnelly college in Kansas city, Kansas

Business Leadership

Our Business Leadership degree is designed to develop your leadership potential, especially the ability to guide every organization’s most important resource: people. Our program prepares you to work within the complex financial, cultural and social environment of businesses, government or nonprofit organizations. Building on the philosophy that an organization’s success is driven by proficient leadership, our program will prepare you to be that leader.

Business Leadership Program Learning Outcomes

In addition to the general education learning outcomes – communication skills, technology and information literacy skills, symbolic problem solving, analytical thinking, personal and interpersonal skills, academic inquiry, and values – upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership degree, students will demonstrate:

  1. A scholarly approach to oral and written communication.
  2. The capacity to differentiate and critique leadership theory and behavior as it applies to groups and organizations.
  3. The aptitude to analyze qualitative and quantitative data to make informed decisions.
  4. The ability to engage in self-evaluation in order to create an effective personal leadership approach.
  5. The capability to evaluate and apply ethical considerations as they relate to leadership theories and social responsibilities.
  6. An understanding of their leadership style and application of that style to various situations.
  7. Service leadership to others by developing a service-leadership plan that integrates theory and practice.

Jonathon Westbrook Class of '07 & '13

“The teachers and staff at Donnelly were instrumental in instilling the desire and passion to serve my community. The essentials of leadership were taught and modeled, and through those examples, my passion for family, community and God have matured and continue to grow.” 

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