Financial Aid Cost of Attendance


Cost of Attendance

Donnelly College’s standard Cost of Attendance (COA) consists of the following categories: Tuition & Fees, Books, Course materials, Supplies and Equipment, Transportation, Living Expenses, Miscellaneous Personal Expenses and Loan Fees.

Initial award offers are based on full-time, fall and spring budgets. The COA and aid offer will be adjusted accordingly if a student’s actual enrollment status differs.

A student’s total amount of Financial Aid is not to exceed the Cost of Attendance.

If the estimated expenses of the COA are not reflective of the student’s actual expenses, the student may request a Cost of Attendance Adjustment by contacting the Director of Financial Aid at Adjustments may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis upon submission of supporting documentation.












$ 9,840 $ 9,840


$ 300 $ 300


$ 9,214 $ 12,204


$ 3,922 $ 3,922

misc. personal expenses

$ 4,834 $ 4,834

loan fee (average)

$ 50 $ 50

prof. credential

  n/a*   n/a*


$ 28,110.00 $ 31,004.00

graduate fee*

$ 105 $ 105

* One-time fee when graduating


Tuition & Fees*

The numbers used are estimated tuition and fees for the academic year. Actual tuition and fees are set by Donnelly College leadership and Board of Directors. Additional fees may be incurred for certain courses. The rates listed above are for a full-time credit hour load of 12 hours per fall and spring semester.

Click here for Donnelly's current tuition and fees.

*NOTE: Full-time enrollment requirements for students receiving federal financial aid are defined as 12 or more credit hours per term for undergraduate students

Books, Course Materials, Supplies & Equipment

The average estimated amount for required course materials and books. Please check with the financial aid office to see if you are eligible for a book voucher. An equipment checkout form will be given to you by Donnelly's IT department if students need to rent a laptop computer (first come, first serve basis). Contact IT for questions.

Living Expenses

Housing and food costs can vary significantly based on the living arrangements you select.

Loan Fees

The average amount of loan fees for both dependent and independent students.


The estimated average amount of traveling to and from campus or the cost of operating and maintaining a vehicle.

Miscellaneous Personal

This category represents other miscellaneous student expenses such as communication (cell phone, internet), clothes, personal hygiene, entertainment, etc. The money spent on these types of items will vary from student to student. These items will not appear on your Donnelly bill.

Professional Credential 

The cost of the first professional credential is included in what is charged in tuition and fees. If there are other credentials not included, please contact the financial aid office.

Need more information? Contact: 

Donnelly Financial Aid
(913) 621-8739