Associate of Science. Student pursing an associate degree in classroom at Donnelly College. They are in programs such associate degrees, bachelor's degrees such as business leadership and information systems and information technology or nursing programs. Students get scholarships and financial aid at Donnelly which helps to make Donnelly the most affordable private college in Kansas or Missouri.

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science degree is designed to prepare students to complete a Bachelor's degree at Donnelly or pursue specialized training. If you intend to transfer to another institution, students are encouraged to enroll in the Associate of Arts program. 

Rooted in the liberal arts, it develops critical thinking and other skills that are useful in every workplace environment. The Associate of Science program requires additional coursework in science and less in humanitities. 

This degree typically requires four semesters of full-time study, but many students enroll part-time to balance family and work commitments.


Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Associate of Science in Liberal Arts, students will demonstrate:

  1. Proficiency and creativity in written and verbal communication.
  2. Effective use of current technology in support of academic work.
  3. Proficient use of qualitative and quantitative methods in problem solving.
  4. Critical and Analytic thinking across a range of disciplines.
  5. A commitment to ethics and integrity in academic and professional relationships, within the community and the environment.
  6. Use of the scientific method.

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