Business Leadership Advisory Board 

The purpose of the advisory board is to assist the BLDR program director by reviewing curriculum for relevance to the changing needs of the industry and providing insight into the employment needs and trends in our region. This advisory board will also assist the program director in developing strategic plans and long-term vision by providing an outside perspective and helping guide the development of best practices to enhance the local and regional visibility of Donnelly College.

The following are the major functions of the advisory board:

  1. Review the goals and objectives of the program and serve as a communication link between the college and the community.
    1. Assist in developing, implementing, and revising annual and long-range plans
    2. Provide a communication channel between workforce education and the community
    3. Serve as an advocate for the program
  2. Identify community resources that will help support or contribute to the success of the program.
    1. Sponsor guest lecturers
    2. Assist in obtaining equipment and instructional materials as gifts, on loan, or at a lower cost
    3. Sponsor and/or participate in career days
  3. Assist in recruitment, work-based learning opportunities, and in placing graduates with prospective employers.
    1. Help recruit students for the program
    2. Assist in identifying opportunities for internships, job shadowing, and/or workplace mentoring
    3. Plan/conduct on-site visits
  4. Review and recommend revisions in program curriculum.
    1. Assist with validation of tasks and duties to determine job skills needed in the local workforce
    2. Analyze course content, sequence, and length of program
    3. Suggest program priorities
    4. Help identify and recruit qualified adjunct faculty
    5. Evaluate relevance and effectiveness of the program in meeting the needs of business and industry
    6. Assist with program review and assessment data analysis
  5. Review and recommend facility and or equipment improvements.
    1. Evaluate and recommend space, equipment, and layout of laboratories
    2. Review and evaluate facilities and equipment