Business Leadership Alumni


Jonathon Westbrook

Class of 2007 & 2013

Currently serves as a White House Fellow in Washington D.C.

Former Kansas City, KS Police Officer


Why did you choose Donnelly?

After visiting campuses across the country, Donnelly College staff and teachers cared about me from a holistic approach. I didn't feel like a number; I felt like someone who was cared for. The small classroom experience allowed me to retain the disciplines that were being taught and allowed for one-on-one class time with the professors. 

What was the biggest takeaway from your time at Donnelly?

Prior to college, I was fairly simple in my comprehension and understanding. The opportunity to be exposed to students from diverse backgrounds and experiences in addition to a diverse staff challenged me to my core. This experience enhanced my ability to connect with others who believe, see, and understand differently from me in the world we live in. This has been the greatest takeaway, as I have been able to apply this same discipline in my personal and professional life. 

How did earning a bachelor's degree impact your life?

Beyond the financial gains, the Organizational Leadership degree granted me access to the inner workings of organizational and governmental structure. With the instruction gained from Donnelly, I had an enhanced understanding that many without the educational experience don't have. I've been able to write effective, efficient, and equitable policies for my workplace because of my educational experience at Donnelly. 

Words of advice for incoming first-year students?

Keep your core values, but be open to the diverse nature of Donnelly. The foundation of the Gospel that Donnelly is built on will enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life if you so allow. It will give you the advantage to navigate the diverse world we live in.