The Tutoring Center has moved! We are now located on the Ground Floor in the Academic Support Center, Room 14. 

Tutoring Center

Donnelly's Tutoring Center is dedicated to helping all students excel in their classes. Tutoring for individuals and groups is FREE for Donnelly Students. You can walk-in to receive help or make an appointment.

Location: Room 14, Ground Floor

Walk-In Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (English and Math tutoring is offered at all times)
Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (English and Math tutoring is offered at all times)

To Make an Appointment:

Stop by the tutoring center or email

Individual and Group Tutoring

Not JUST for Math and English!

While tutoring is available for English and Math anytime the Tutoring Center is open, tutors are also available for other subjects. For example, an English tutor can help with a writing assignment for any class, or by helping you to better understand assignments or directions that are unclear. All tutors can help you with study methods and notetaking. Many of our tutors help with classes other than Math or English. Check out the below list of subject areas and tutors who can help in those areas, and compare it to the tutoring schedule to see when they are available. Tutoring Schedule

Biology - Micailah; Anett, Jorge

Chemistry – Jasmine

Psychology – Micailah, Jasmine, Maria, Quincy

American Government -Quincy

Public Speaking – Micailah, Alex, Jasmine

Intro to Business - Jorge

Tutoring Schedule

Paper Review and Submission Process

Tutoring sessions can also be used for paper review. To get the most out of a tutoring session, it is helpful to have your tutor review your paper in advance. To submit a paper and make an appointment to review it, follow the directions provided here.

Supported Study

Supported Study is a student facilitated study group that can help students acheive success in challenging classes. Supported Study sessions:

  • Allow students to interact with one another and a student tutor in order to understand difficult concepts.
  • Allow students to work together to find an answer, reinforcing understanding of the material from class or textbooks. 
  • Are a place to continue discussions from class and focus on class material. Supported Study leaders are trained to guide students with activities and thought-provoking questions. 

How effective is Supported Study in helping students? For Chemistry 100 in a recent semester, students who attended Supported Study regularly, received a final class grade that was TWO LETTER GRADES HIGHER than students who never attended a Supported Study session. 

Supported Study sessions will take place on Ground Floor in the Academic Support Center, Room 06, unless otherwise noted. A complete schedule of sessions and leaders will be posted before classes begin in August. 

Need more information? Contact:

Yvonne Telep

Associate Director of Academic Support

Alex Johnson

Academic Support Specialist JV