Become Lux, the Donnelly Dragon! 

Student Performers Needed for 2021-2022

Donnelly Dragon

Donnelly College is seeking students to perform as Lux, the Donnelly Dragon mascot. The candidate must be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about the College. Performers are representatives of the College and its students, faculty, staff and alumni, and behavior both in and out of the suit must always uphold the spirit, tradition and values of Donnelly College.  Student performers will report to the Student Activities Program Support Specialist. 

Social Energy and Attitude - A good mascot performer doesn't necessarily need to be an extrovert. In fact, many introverts have been quite successful in the role, particularly when their true identity is kept secret. Success comes with the ability to transform yourself into a completely different person whenever you are in the suit. Part of the magic is that mascots can create something out of nothing. Successful performers should be aware of their surroundings, continually thinking of the next thing they'll do, and have a playful/mischievous attitude to indicate that they're always up to something. 

Reliability is Essential - Mascot performers must be able to manage their schedule independently and without close supervision. Failure to appear at a previously scheduled event is cause for removal of one’s performing responsibilities. If for any reason a performer is unable to attend an event to which he/she was committed, the performer is responsible for finding another team member to serve. If others are unavailable, the responsibility falls upon the original performer. 

Time Commitment - Student performers should be able to commit to serve for at least one semester, but preferably for a full academic year. Hours will vary depending on activities the mascot is requested to be present for. Student performers should have some availability during the week, weekends and evenings as needed. 

Compensation – You will be provided a $650 scholarship per semester that you serve as a mascot performer. Non-monetary benefits are numerous and include a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a great resume builder. Performers must remain in good academic and social standing. Violation of campus standards, either in or out of the suit, is cause for removal from one's mascot responsibilities. 

Physical Requirements - Due to the restrictions of the costume, a candidate will have the best costume fit and be most comfortable if they are between 5'6" and 5'11" in height. In addition, performing as a mascot can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally so all applicants should be in good physical condition.  

Selection Process - The selection process includes a written application and in-person interview with an in-suit audition. 

Interested in applying? Shhh...don’t tell anyone! Secrecy is a major part of performing as a mascot. Applicants should start practicing this immediately. Tell no one that you are applying! Complete the application below and we will be in touch. Good luck, Lux!