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Photo of Hugo Juarez Avalos '22

Hugo Juarez Avalos '22

Associate of Arts

As a native of Wyandotte County, Hugo Juarez Avalos has always loved lea...

Photo of Jopxi Chavez '21

Jopxi Chavez '21

Associate of Arts

“There were many amazing opportunities to go to internship fairs, and learn I was...

Photo of Anakaren Corral '22

Anakaren Corral '22

Bachelor's in Business Leadership

Anakaren Corral is graduating with her Bachelor's in Business Leadership in May 202...

Photo of Marco Delgado '23

Marco Delgado '23

Associate of Arts

Marco Delgado will graduate from Donnelly with his Associate of Arts degree in 2023. Ma...

Photo of Juliet Her '22

Juliet Her '22

Associate of Arts

Juliet Her will graduate from Donnelly College with her Associate of Arts degree in May...

Photo of Shane Rainey '22

Shane Rainey '22

BS, Business Leadership

"Donnelly really is just like a family to me. Everybody just helps each other and ...

Photo of Zulina Ramirez '20

Zulina Ramirez '20

Associate of Arts

"Go to Donnelly if you want to go to a college where everyone is welcoming and fri...