Donnelly Releases Economic Impact Report

Donnelly College Economic Impact Report

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022, Donnelly College released its economic impact report, detailing how the College is impacting the economy on a regional level. 

This report was conducted by Parker Philips, a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in economic impact analysis. 

“Economic impact is an objective way to measure the significance of an organization in the regional economy,” said Nichole Parker, principal partner at Parker Philips. 

Donnelly plays a critical role in preparing the community’s next generation of diverse employees, entrepreneurs and community leaders.  

Some key findings: 

  • Donnelly generates $25.4 million in economic impact per year.  
  • Donnelly alumni in Kansas generate $12.3 million in economic impact annually.* 
  • Donnelly supports and sustains 156 jobs. 
  • Staff, faculty and students give around $45,462 annually in charitable donations. 
  • Staff, faculty and students volunteer for an estimated 4,764 hours annually, valued at $58,367. 
*This impact is based on the added value of earning a degree or credential from Donnelly College, not alumni full wages. 

Not only are Kansas alumni making an economic difference in the region, but with Donnelly’s campus being less than five miles from the Kansas-Missouri state border, Donnelly’s alumni in Missouri are making a similarly significant impact. 

Donnelly’s report coincides with a statewide economic impact study from the Kansas Independent College Association (KICA). Donnelly is one of 20 private, independent, non-profit colleges and universities in Kansas. 

According to the study, all 20 KICA member colleges had a total statewide economic impact of $1.1 billion. This activity generated an estimated 8,269 jobs in the state. 

Read Donnelly’s full economic impact report here.