Donnelly and Metropolitan Community College Launching Associate to Bachelor’s Completion Program

College reps meet at MOU agreement signing

Donnelly College and Metropolitan Community College (MCC) entered into an agreement on Thursday, Feb. 25, launching an Associate to Bachelor’s Completion (ABC) program.

MCC Chancellor Kimberly Beatty and Donnelly President Stuart Swetland were in attendance. 

The ABC program will enable students who earn an associate degree at MCC to transfer seamlessly to Donnelly to obtain a bachelor’s degree in as few credit hours as possible.

“Any time we can make the transfer to a four-year school easier, it translates to cost savings for students,” MCC Chancellor Beatty says. “We are proud to partner with Donnelly College because both our institutions have a rich history of serving the needs of our community and region, and that’s exactly what we’re doing through this transfer program.”

The ABC program is designed to allow students to reduce their cost of education while completing a high-quality and very flexible bachelor’s degree. Beyond being a transfer agreement between the two colleges, the partnership will serve as the foundation of a joint commitment to serve higher education needs in the region.

“I know Donnelly and MCC will accomplish great things when we work together,” Donnelly President Swetland says. “But the real winners here are our students and our community. When we make higher education more affordable, that’s when we make a real impact for our community.”

MCC students who transfer to Donnelly College without first earning an associate degree will be able to transfer any 100-level and above courses in which they earned a grade of at least C-, up to 79 credit hours.