EPA and Donnelly College Renew Partnership to Promote Environmental Educational and Career Opportunities

Donnelly College signs MOU with EPA Monsignor Swetland Speaks

On Monday, September 21, 2020, Donnelly College entered into a five-year agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 (EPA) to promote environmental educational and career opportunities for Donnelly College students. The partnership includes:  

  • Joint Research Projects
  • Faculty Research Participation
  • Student Internships and Employment
  • Technical Assistance 
  • Mini-Courses/Lectures/Seminar Speakers
  • Equipment
  • Outreach Program
  • Grant Opportunities 
  • Environmental Student Initiative

“EPA Region 7 looks forward to working with Donnelly College and its talented students to promote education and careers in the environmental field,” said EPA Region 7 Administrator Jim Gulliford.  “By working together, EPA Region 7 and Donnelly College will increase awareness, access, and opportunity for students in this critically important field of study, which will lead to increased career opportunities for the students as well.”

“We are so grateful to the EPA for their ongoing work for all of us,” said Donnelly College President Monsignor Stuart Swetland. “We are also very grateful for this partnership and all of the opportunities that it will bring to our students.”

Donnelly College student and member of the Environmental Club, Yazmin Bruno-Valdez spoke at the signing in support of the agreement and future opportunities for students. 

Document Signing