Donnelly's 67th Commencement Honors the Class of 2017

Donnelly's 67th Commencement Honors the Class of 2017

Donnelly College Commencement Ceremony on May 13 at the Savior Pastoral Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

Congratulations to Donnelly's graduating Class of 2017 who were recognized on Saturday, May 13 during Donnelly College's 67th Commencement ceremony at the Savior Pastoral Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

This year, there were 80 Donnelly College students who successfully completed studies for Gateway to College, Practical Nursing, Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees or certificates.

Of the 80 Donnelly graduates, 51 were first-generation college students.

"Being a first-generation college student means a lot for me and for my family as well," said Andres Garcia, student commencement speaker. "For my family, it's a great honor to have someone to graduate from college. But it does not stop here. We must keep going and never give up."

During his commencement speech, Donnelly graduate Diego Payan, said his journey at Donnelly College has been all about opportunity.  

"It was here where I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life, that, limitations, are not limitations," he said. "Limitations are opportunities. These are opportunities to grow, opportunities to evolve, opportunities to keep moving - to keep pushing forward."

Antonio Soave, Kansas Secretary for the Department of Commerce, gave the commencement address. Soave talked about looking to God for guidance in life and relying on the Spirit to lead the way.

"I guarantee you, there are no coincidences in the world," he said. "God did not set it up that way. It is no mistake that you are here today. Like you, most of you, I did not have the opportunity to have money handed down. I remember days and times that I could barely understand how I was going to pay for college.  And like you, I endured a lot of suffering. But none of it is unnoticed by the good Lord."

Watch the full graduation ceremony online here, and view photos from the commencement exercises here.

2017 Graduates

Gateway to College

Devonte Hines
Yvonne Martinez
Miriam Mendez
Perla Perez
Melanie Quinones*
Selena Quiroz
Daniel Sachen
Ronzaia Simmons
Morgan Thoele
Shauntee Willis

Practical Nursing Certificate

Mann Mohamed Akil +
Victoria Amoako-Boateng
Rachel Boahemah Adjei +
Trimond Epps +
Eunora W. Griddine
Constantine Jeptoo +
D'Eisha Johnson +
Ruth Kabue +
Line M. Kamtio-Tchouchidjoum +
Sophie Grace Kilonzo* +
Kimwele Constasia Wangari +
Bernard Ikaba Kingori +
Francis Katui Kioko +
Philister Jebet Kitur +
Magdaline Muthoni +
Ndungu James Biringi +
Esther Wangari Njoroge +
Stephen Nnyumba +
Ifeoma Okolo +
Zainab Shemsu Semane +
Ashley Lynn Slater +
Luke Kankam Subin
Mebrat Atanaw Tiruneh +
Alaina Danielle VanderVoort +
Elana Viveros +

Associate of Arts

Timonthy DeGraffenreid
Marika Diyali*
Laura A. Domínguez Holguin +
Samuel Jack Holton +
Gabriela Gandara* +
Isaiah Garcia*
Andres Alejandro Garcia Lopez* +
Kierra Laché Harper
Niesha Deanna King
Aviram Alexis Lopez Esteves
Jose Marquez +
Adriana Moreno +
April Renee Nevils +
Rosa Pacheco
Jesus Valenzuela +
Kent P. VanDerveen

Associate of Applied Science

Eliseo Medina, Jr. +

Associate of Science

Juan Manuel Atilano +
Taleah Nichole Berger 
Marisela Flores-Martinez +
Luis Garcia
Fátima Jocelyn Ramirez +
Dania Isabel Rios +
Emily Selena Rodriguez +
Juliana I. Marcos +
Myo Thai* +
Eduardo Vazquez Juarez +

Bachelor of Applied Science

Allyson Ermoian
Arthur Gifford Johnson +

Bachelor of Arts

Roger Allan Berg III
Danielle Sherie Dickinson
Monique L. Dyson +
Chitra Khadka +
Diego Marino Payan Torres
Roberta G. Wake-Rayton
Kwamea Jean Smith
Evelia DeHaro-Soto +
Phillimina Njau Tubei +

Bachelor of Science

Tina Lynn Allen +
Miriam Haro +
Aria Khosravi +
Manuella P. Moreno +
Frida Torres* +
Stefanie L. Wakes +

* Member of Phi Theta Kappa
honor society

+ First-generation college student

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