Spring release of Dime

Spring release of Dime

The 2017 Sister Mary Faith Schuster Award winners were announced during the Dime release party on April 27. From left to right, President Monsignor Swetland, Ana Mojica, Brandon Harrison, Anett Amaya, LaCherish Thompson, Joan and Lawrence (class of 1956) Ward.

The release of the fifth issue of Dime, the arts and literary journal of Donnelly College, was celebrated to a crowd of more than 50 people on Thursday, April 27. 

"I most look forward to the release party when everyone gets a chance to see all of our students' beautiful work," said Melissa Lenos, assistant professor and Dime editor. 

Students, faculty and staff came together to celebrate the creativity and expression of art. 

"This year's winners are outstanding and my favorite part is that they're a mix of advanced students and freshmen," Lenos said. "The content of the issue as a whole is really diverse, too - we have Bachelors and Associates-level student represented, but also students from our Success First and Gateway programs."

Dime (pronounced DEE-may) is compromised of students' submissions in fiction, poetry, essays, creative nonfiction and visual art. 

"I think it's my favorite one yet," Lenos said. "I hope students who enjoy reading it will submit their own work."

In addition to the release of Dime, the 2017 Sister Mary Faith Schuster Award winners were announced. 

The winners are:
Nonfiction: "What Now Mr. President?" by Ana Mojica
Poetry: "Black vs. White" by Brandon Harrison
Visual Arts: "Brandon Boyd's Lightning..." by Anett Amaya
Fiction: Excerpt from "The Plan" by LaCherish Thompson 

The Sister Mary Faith Schuster Awards are made possible by our sponsors Lawrence (class of 1956) and Joan Ward.

For more information about Dime and to read issues of the publication, click here.