Donnelly to Make Cable TV Debut

Donnelly to Make Cable TV Debut

Donnelly President Monsignor Stuart Swetland and Archbishop Joseph Naumann on the set of "Catholicism on Campus."

Don’t change the channel: Donnelly College will come to a television screen near you, thanks to Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). A crew from the world’s largest religious media network recently paid Donnelly a visit to film the eighth season of “Catholicism on Campus,” hosted by President Monsignor Stuart Swetland.

The show — which previously has been filmed at University of Illinois and Mount St. Mary’s University — features students from area colleges and universities in a casual conversation about various religious topics. This was the first time the show has been filmed at Donnelly.

In just three days, Monsignor Swetland and the crew shot 13 episodes of “Catholicism on Campus,” with appearances from Donnelly College, Johnson County Community College, Benedictine College, Kansas State University and the University of Kansas students. They joined Monsignor Swetland in talking with his guests, including Catholic clergy members, lay missionaries and school representatives.

EWTN features 24-hour programming in 144 countries worldwide, with shows in English and Spanish. In addition to talk shows, EWTN airs documentaries, coverage of Church events, children’s programming and more.

The season of “Catholicism on Campus” filmed at Donnelly will not air for at least one year; check back for scheduling updates.