Mac Lab Enhances Information Systems Program at Donnelly College

Mac Lab Enhances Information Systems Program at Donnelly College

Recently, Donnelly College’s Information Systems department unveiled the newly created Macintosh laboratory.

Dr. Stacy Yeager-Huddleston, Director of Information Systems, worked in close partnership with Frances Sanders, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness; Amy Neufeld, Vice President of Academic Affairs; Birdell McCall, Manager of Information Technology; and Jaime Fuentes, Information Systems Instructor, to have the lab completed.

“Our IT student workers were instrumental in putting this lab together,” stated McCall. “Without their help we could never have accomplished as much in such a short time. Additionally, they are acquiring great hands-on experience in the technology field.”

The Mac lab, located on the fourth floor, will be used for Donnelly’s Information Technology (associate) and Information Systems (bachelor) programs. Students enrolled in these programs will be allowed to use the lab as part of their courses and to complete homework assignments.

“These classes will enhance students’ knowledge in web design, programming, and development technologies such as UNIX and Java, and will allow them to become proficient in working on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems,” said Dr. Yeager-Huddleston.

Additionally, Dr. Yeager-Huddleston expressed high hopes that the local community will recognize the unique opportunity that an Information Systems education at Donnelly College affords.

“The Information Systems program at Donnelly provides an opportunity that hasn’t existed before: It allows people in the community to earn a competitive, four-year bachelor’s degree close to home,” she continued. “And now, with the inclusion of our new Mac lab as a curriculum resource, Donnelly’s program is more competitive than ever.”