2017-2018 Strategic Planning Task Force 

Cheryl Hicks (Chair) 
Dave Cobb                                               
Paula Console-Socian                              
Sister Marie Kathleen Daugherty              
Megan Jordan                                  
Laura McKnight                                       
Gretchen Meinhardt                                 
Casey Rooman-Smith                       
Kisha Stevenson                                       
Leslie Ulloa-Mora              
Ex-Officio Members: 

Msgr. Stuart W. Swetland                   
Pedro Leite                                              
Emily Buckley                                  
Fr. John Melnick                                  

Vice President of Business Affairs 
Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts & Sciences 
Endowed Chair for Humanities 
Academic Advisor
Grants Manager 
Assistant Professor, Success First 
Coordinator, Academic and Student Affairs 
Director of Admissions 
Payroll/Accounting Specialist 

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 
Vice President of Development 
Vice President of Spirituality and Mission