Academy for Assessment of
Student Learning

The Assessment Council of Donnelly College was accepted into the Higher Learning Commissions Assessment Academy. We have committed to this four-year program (2017-2020) to enhance our commitment to a culture of assessment on campus. 

Through a competitive process Donnelly College’s Academy for Assessment of Student Learning Application was accepted for admission into the 2017 cohort. The members of the Assessment Council of Donnelly College will be participating the academy.

From the Higher Learning Commission, the Academy for Assessment of Student Learning is tailored for institutions interested in developing an ongoing commitment to assessing and improving student learning. The Academy offers each institution personalized guidance in developing, documenting and implementing a systematic approach to institutional assessment. Institutions participating in the Assessment Academy are presented with new ideas and techniques for influencing institutional culture, increasing capacity to assess student learning and using assessment data to improve student learning (

In July 2019, as the result of consultation with our mentors from the Assessment Academy and in an in effort to eliminate redundancy of committee meetings and membership, the former Assessment Council and Student Learning Outcomes Committee were merged. The revised charter for our newly created and expanded Assessment Council is found below.

Assessment Council Charter

Purpose: The purpose of the Assessment Council/ Committee is to guide and support a faculty-led assessment process to continually improve teaching and student learning. The AC will monitor, evaluate, and provide leadership in the assessment of student learning processes across academic and co-curricular programs. The AC is charged with maintaining the cohesiveness of the college-wide assessment process by setting the schedule for the assessment of Donnelly College Learning Outcomes, by working with Program Directors to create/ review learning outcomes, by reviewing and approving new courses and programs, and by overseeing the annual assessment progress of individual departments.

Goals: The primary goals of the group are to (a) develop and promote policies related to student learning outcomes at the College; (b) oversee and coordinate resources that enhance and support instructional assessment activities; (c) facilitate the College’s work on accreditation standards; and (d) to facilitate a culture of student learning success at Donnelly College.

Chairperson: The Chair or Co-Chairs, at least one of whom must be a full-time faculty member, are appointed by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/Dean of the College.

Membership: AC membership includes, but is not limited to:

  • Directors or Chairpersons of current Donnelly Academic Programs

  • Representation from Students Success and Academic Support areas

  • The Director of Institutional Research

  • A member of the Advancement/Grant Writing Team

  • Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/Dean of the College

  • At least one faculty member from the Assessment Academy

The intent is to have a cross-section of representing the academic divisions as well as Student Support Services. An effort is made to ensure representation across the instructional divisions, student services, and co-curricular activities.

Meeting Schedule: The Assessment Council meets at least monthly during the academic year. Information items may be presented/discussed via electronic communication. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed.

Communication Processes and Timelines: The work of the Assessment Council is shared in several formats, and the communication is cross-functional. The work of the individual departments is shared with the Committee through annual assessment plans and annual data is collected, analyzed, and reported according to the Assessment Calendar and shared through the Task Stream system. Feedback from the Committee is taken to the individual academic units by the directors. Information will be shared regularly with the Donnelly community via regular reports at Academic Council meetings.

The Assessment Council will also inform the President’s Cabinet of issues and concerns through the Dean/VPASA. Cabinet then reports to the Board of Directors at their quarterly meetings.

Accountability: The assessment data will be uploaded into Task Stream and shared with the Community and Cabinet via regular meetings and the VPASA

Revised and approved by Assessment Council 09/03.2019

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