Alumni Hall of Fame People

Photo of Patricia Antonopoulos

Patricia Antonopoulos

Class of 1958

After graduating from Donnelly, Patricia Antonopoulos raised five children an...

Photo of Ahmed Awad

Ahmed Awad

Class of 1984

After his graduation from Donnelly’s English as a Second Language program, A...

Photo of Dan Braum

Dan Braum

Class of 1971

Dan Braum started attending Donnelly in the fall of 1966 while working 60 hours pe...

Photo of Marcia Braun

Marcia Braun

Class of 1963

Marcia Braun grew up on Strawberry Hill and was the first in her family to graduat...

Photo of George Breidenthal

George Breidenthal

Class of 1969

After graduating from Donnelly, George Breidenthal continued his education at...

Photo of Robert (Bob) Briscoe, '67

Robert (Bob) Briscoe, '67

Bob Briscoe grew up just down the street from Donnelly. He attended the Cathedral of St...

Photo of Eugene Burdolski

Eugene Burdolski

Following his graduation from Donnelly, Eugene (Gene) Burdolski attended...

Photo of Eugene "Gene" Burdolski

Eugene "Gene" Burdolski

Class of 1970

Following his graduation from Donnelly, Eugene (Gene) Burdolski attended...

Photo of Pat Callaghan

Pat Callaghan

Class of 1959

After Donnelly, Pat Callaghan earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Mar...

Photo of Susan Carroll

Susan Carroll

Class of 1962

Susan Carroll graduated from Donnelly and went on to earn a bachelor’s degre...

Photo of Judge Thomas Clark

Judge Thomas Clark

Class of 1958

Judge Thomas Clark grew up in the shadow of Donnelly and spent most of his ch...

Photo of William (Bill) Dana

William (Bill) Dana

Mr. Dana attended Donnelly College in 1969-70 and graduated from Benedictine&...

Photo of Anita Dixon

Anita Dixon

Class of 1984

Eight years after graduating from Donnelly, Anita Dixon founded Passage Unlim...

Photo of Phil Doherty

Phil Doherty

Class of 1962

After service in the Navy, Phil Doherty graduated from Donnelly and then atte...

Photo of Andres Dominguez

Andres Dominguez

Class of 1979

After Donnelly, Andres Dominguez graduated from St. Mary’s College in L...

Photo of Ed Dwight

Ed Dwight

Class of 1951

After his time at Donnelly, Ed Dwight joined the United States Air Force to p...

Photo of Dr. Dora Fonseca '90

Dr. Dora Fonseca '90

Dr. Dora Fonseca was born in Honduras and was an elementary school teacher before ...

Photo of Gerry Garcia

Gerry Garcia

Mr. Garcia was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas and he still lives...

Photo of Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia

Class of 1993

After Donnelly, Ted Garcia went to Rockhurst University completing a B.A. wit...

Photo of Diane Hentges

Diane Hentges

Class of 1966

Within four years of graduation from Donnelly, Diane Hentges completed her ba...

Photo of Delia Hernandez

Delia Hernandez

Class of 1984

Delia Hernandez was the first in her family to graduate from college, completing h...

Photo of Father Frank Horvat

Father Frank Horvat

Class of 1952

Father Frank Horvat was ordained in 1958 and spend more than 50 years as a priest ...

Photo of Father Peter Jaramillo

Father Peter Jaramillo

Class of 1975

Father Peter was first in his family to graduate college. He entered the Monastery...

Photo of Kevin Keefer

Kevin Keefer

Class of 1972

Kevin went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degr...

Photo of Sister Constance Krstolic

Sister Constance Krstolic

Class of 1964

Sister Constance (Connie) Krstolic, OSB, graduated from Donnelly in 1964 and began work...

Photo of Desmond Lamb

Desmond Lamb

Class of 2000

Desmond C. Lamb was born on July 15, 1972, in Kansas City, Kansas. He was an only child...

Photo of Steve McCue

Steve McCue

Class of 1968

After Donnelly, Steve McCue received his bachelor’s degree from KU and ...

Photo of Dr. Brian McKiernan

Dr. Brian McKiernan

Class of 1976

Brian McKiernan is a life-long resident of Kansas City, Kansas and the Donnelly neighbo...

Photo of John Mendez

John Mendez

Class of 1974

John Mendez, Class of ‘74, graduated from Donnelly and went on to earn his Bachel...

Photo of Leo Mills '55

Leo Mills '55

Leo Mills was the first in his family to graduate from college when he received hi...

Photo of Steve Modrcin

Steve Modrcin

Class of 1974

Steve Modrcin is the youngest of nine children. His parents were immigrants to thi...

Photo of Sister Mary Teresa Morris, OSB, RN '77

Sister Mary Teresa Morris, OSB, RN '77

A Kansas City, Kansas native, Sister Mary Teresa Morris graduated from Wyandotte H...

Photo of Dr. William (Bill) Nicely

Dr. William (Bill) Nicely

After earning his associate degree from Donnelly in 1985, Bill earned a Bache...

Photo of Steve Nicely

Steve Nicely

Class of 1959

After graduating from Donnelly, Steve Nicely spent a year at St. Thomas Semin...

Photo of Janice Parker

Janice Parker

Class of 1963

After graduating from Donnelly (as Janice Curls), Janice Parker earned a bach...

Photo of Bill Reardon

Bill Reardon

Class of 1961

William (Bill) Reardon and his wife, Kathy Page, attended Donnelly College from 1959 to...

Photo of Carmen (Josephine) Rodriguez

Carmen (Josephine) Rodriguez

Class of 1953

Through Donnelly and its founder Sister Jerome Keeler, OSB, Carmen (Josephine) Rod...

Photo of Liza Rodriguez

Liza Rodriguez

Class of 2001

After starting in Donnelly’s English as a Second Language program, Liza Rodr...

Photo of John Romito

John Romito

Class of 1966

After Donnelly, John Romito received his bachelor’s degree from the Uni...

Photo of Albert Roos

Albert Roos

Class of 1963

Albert Roos graduated from Donnelly in 1963 and went on to complete his Bachelor o...

Photo of Lucy Saunders

Lucy Saunders

Class of 1968

Lucy Saunders graduated from Sumner High School in 1939 and was an assembly aircra...

Photo of Lonnie Scott

Lonnie Scott

Class of 1975

After Donnelly, Lonnie Scott earned a degree in business administration from ...

Photo of Sister Diana Seago

Sister Diana Seago

Class of 1969

After Donnelly, Sister Diana Seago graduated from Mount St. Scholastica ...

Photo of Dhuha Shareef

Dhuha Shareef

Before coming to the United States in 2008, Dhuha taught high school math for 18 years ...

Photo of Judith Van Rest

Judith Van Rest

Class of 1966

Judith (Judy Hook) Van Rest was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas.  Foll...

Photo of Father Dennis Wait

Father Dennis Wait

Class of 1966

Father Dennis Wait graduated from Donnelly in 1966, and has served the people of G...

Photo of Larry Ward

Larry Ward

Class of 1956

As the child of Irish immigrants, Larry Ward was the first in his family to e...

Photo of Jonathon Westbrook

Jonathon Westbrook

Class of '07 & '13

After graduating from Donnelly, Jonathon Westbrook went to the Kansas City, K...

Photo of Don Wolf

Don Wolf

Class of 1956

After Donnelly, Don Wolf spent two years in the Navy as an aerial photographe...