Photo of Jonathon Westbrook

Jonathon Westbrook

Class of '07 & '13

After graduating from Donnelly, Jonathon Westbrook went to the Kansas City, Kansas Police Academy, and he has served as a KCK police officer since 2009. He returned to Donnelly and earned his bachelor’s degree in 2013. Jonathon is active in the community, both through his church and several political groups he has helped to form. He recently became the Program Coordinator through the KCKPD for the OK program - a group that empowers African-American men and boys to improve their communities, and he was recently voted President of the KCK, Black Police Officers Association.

“The teachers and staff at Donnelly were instrumental in instilling the desire and passion to serve my community. The essentials of leadership were taught and modeled, and through those examples, my passion for family, community and God have matured and continue to grow.” 

Jonathon Westbrook was inducted in 2016.