Photo of Dr. William (Bill) Nicely

Dr. William (Bill) Nicely

After earning his associate degree from Donnelly in 1985, Bill earned a Bachelor of Science in education from Pittsburg State University and a master’s in education policy and leadership from the University of Kansas. He then earned his doctorate in education through Nova Southeastern University. Bill worked as an educator for over three decades, starting his career as a high school science teacher before becoming a high school principal and ultimately a superintendent. Since retiring in 2020, Bill continues to influence the lives of children through his work with the Kauffman Real World Learning initiative, the Education Governance and Leadership Association and his consulting firm.

Bill has the distinction of being the first Legacy Alumni Hall of Fame member. His father, Steve Nicely, was inducted in 2014.

When I as a young man... I was lost. It was Donnelly College that put the pair of glasses on so I could to be a good human being and how to live by faith.”

To watch Bill's 2022 Alumni Hall of Fame SHINE video, click here.