Photo of Dr. Dora Fonseca '90

Dr. Dora Fonseca '90

Dr. Dora Fonseca was born in Honduras and was an elementary school teacher before coming to the United States to learn English. While working as an au pair, Dora completed Donnelly’s Intensive English program and began teaching Spanish in the Kansas City, Missouri school district. She continued her education, earning a bachelor’s in education at University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2005. She earned a master’s degree in leadership from Baker University in 2015 and a doctorate in leadership from Saint Louis University in 2019. As of 2021, Dora was in her 36th year of teaching, currently at Van Horn High School in Independence, Missouri.

“Donnelly was the beginning of my successful path in the higher education field. I want to thank the founders, faculty and staff of this unique, welcoming college that helps whoever wants small-size classes, and one-on-one instruction when needed.”

Dr. Dora Fonseca was inducted in 2021.