Photo of Dhuha Shareef

Dhuha Shareef

Before coming to the United States in 2008, Dhuha taught high school math for 18 years in Iraq. When her family fled Iraq, they chose to settle in Kansas City, close to extended family. In fall 2009, Dhuha completed Donnelly’s English as a Second Language program, while also volunteering as a math tutor. After she completed the ESL program, Dhuha began teaching at Donnelly as an adjunct math instructor. She earned her Master of Science in mathematics from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2014, and was then promoted to Assistant Professor at Donnelly. In 2021, she was promoted to Associate Professor and recognized as faculty member of the year.  

Dhuha is currently working on an interdisciplinary doctorate in mathematics and physics at UMKC.

To watch Dhuha's Alumni Hall of Fame SHINE video, click here.