Academics at Donnelly

Philosophy of General Education

Donnelly College has consistently maintained a strong commitment to the liberal arts and sciences as a foundation for a complete education.  The faculty strongly believes that the liberal arts and sciences provide the context through which students can engage with the larger questions about students’ place in the world and their pursuit of truth.  Therefore, the College’s general education requirements are designed to ensure that liberal arts and sciences graduates develop a breadth of content knowledge and the skills and abilities which will enable them to become educated participants in a diverse global community.

Donnelly College Learning Outcomes

The Donnelly College faculty has articulated seven student learning outcomes that constitute the foundation of the College’s general education.

  1. Communication Skills: Students will communicate effectively in writing and speaking.
  2. Technology and Information Literacy Skills: Students will demonstrate proficiency in information literacy skills.
  3. Symbolic Problem Solving: Students will demonstrate competency in qualitative and quantitative problem solving.  
  4. Analytical Thinking: Students will employ reflective thinking to evaluate diverse ideas in the search for truth.
  5. Personal and Interpersonal Skills: Students will develop an understanding across cultural differences locally, nationally, and internationally.
  6. Academic Inquiry: Students will engage independently and effectively in lifelong learning.
  7. Values: Students will demonstrate moral and ethical behavior in keeping with our Catholic identity.