Reporting Schedule

Deadlines for external agencies

Report Opens Due Date
IPEDS Registration Aug. 5 Aug. 26
IPEDS (Fall)
  1. Institutional Characteristics
  2. Completions
  3. 12-month enrollment
Sept. 2 Oct. 14
IPEDS (Winter)
  1. Student Financial Aid
Dec. 2 Jan. 20
IPEDS (Spring)
  1. Fall enrollment
  2. Finance
  3. Graduation rates
  4. Graduation rates 200%
  5. Human resources
Dec. 2 Apr. 14
National Student Clearing House N/A First of each month
FISAP July Oct. 1
Campus Crime Report Aug.  Oct. 1
Department of Education Endowment Report N/A Sept. 30
Gainful Employment N/A Oct. 15
KICA Enrollment Report Sept. 15 Oct. 31
KHEER Fall Enrollment Report Sept. 23 Oct. 31
Law School Admission Council N/A Fall
Chronicle Guidance Publications N/A Fall
KBOR KS Comp Grant Report N/A Dec. 1
KICA KS Comp Grant Survey N/A Dec. 31
College Board Nov. 1 Feb. 1
Title V Annual Report Dec. Mar.
Open Door Dec. 1 Feb. 28
SSS Annual Report Jan. Feb.
KICA Annual Benchmark Survey N/A Mar. 1
KHEER Spring Enrollment Feb. 15 Mar. 30
Annual Audit to Department of Education Feb. 1 Mar. 31
KICA Tuition and Fee Survey Mar. 1 Mar. 31
Higher Learning Commission
a. financial update
b. non-financial update
Mar. 1 Apr. 14
KBOR KCG Tracking Report N/A Apr. 20
Financial Report N/A June 15
Audited Statements N/A June 30