Donnelly Welcomes Dragon as Mascot

Students select new mascot



Within the last few years, Donnelly College students initiated a campus community-wide vote to select a mascot for the college. After several student input sessions, three finalists were selected for the vote. The "dragon" prevailed as the winner and from that moment forward became the college mascot.


On January 24, 2019 in the Donnelly Commons, the recently finalized dragon design was unveiled to students, alumni, faculty and staff. Students on campus now sport Dragon t-shirts and the walls now tell visitors that Donnelly is home of the Dragons. 


"The Donnelly mascot is a unique member of our community which will unify our students and staff.  The Donnelly Dragon is a way to show our pride in this great institution of faith and learning," said Lisa Stoothoff, acting vice president of academic and student affairs and dean of the college.


























Watch for more information about the Donnelly Dragon and check out the Spirit Store for Dragon gear.


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