A Changed Skyline

Building demo

Donnelly's former academic building (read more about the history and future plans for the space) has been coming down rapidly due to the skilled work of the on-site crew. With Marian Hall situated closely on one side and the Community Event Center on the other, crews have carefully deconstructed the building from the top down.

 Building Demo

Temporary walls were constructed to protect adjacent buildings, automobiles or people from falling debris.

building demo

new and old

Debris is being sorted for recycling and reuse. Debris unable to be reused is hauled away from disposal. 

Within a few short weeks, the Kansas City, Kansas skyline was forever changed as the seven story tower was down to a pile of rubble against the last remaining walls. After the debris is removed, the basement structure will be excavated prior to regrading in preparation for green space installation. 

Skyline Before...

Skyline After...

Check back frequently for updates!  To learn more about upcoming plans and how you can get involved, check out the Transformations Campaign website.