Campus Transformation Update

Campus Transformation Update

Just before Christmas, demolition began on Donnelly's former academic building (which also served as part of Providence Hospital for several decades -- read more about the history and future plans for the space). 

The small structure on the south side of the tower that served many purposes over the years including a chapel, meeting room and student lounge was taken down first.

Chapel comes down

Next, the front entry way and what was most recently the Admissions office was removed. 

The front of the main tower was to be removed first. But before demolition could proceed, the cross needed to be carefully taken down. 

To start the new year, crews started disassembling the main tower structure piece by piece. By the end of their first day, much progress had been made. 

Check back frequently for updates!  To learn more about upcoming plans and how you can get involved, check out the Transformations Campaign website.