Meet a 2020 Dragon Scholar

Say Say Than with Campus Minsitry

Dragon Scholar Say Say Than with Campus Ministers Fr. Edward Ahn and Aaron Williams, M.Div.

Say Say Than is currently in her junior year working toward a bachelor’s degree in the Information System, hoping to work in the IS field either for the government or small business. This semester she serves as a Dragon Scholar for Campus Ministry.   

The Dragon Scholars program offers students well-paid, on-campus internships that will give them professional experience while still attending school. The program is selective and will help the chosen student workers to develop marketable professional skills. Dragon Scholar positions pay $16/ hourly for 9 hours weekly of on-campus work (renewable each semester). Dragon Scholars are currently working in Advancement, Academic Support Services, Admissions and other departments. Students, learn more here about how you can become a Dragon Scholar.  


Why did you choose to attend Donnelly? 

I chose to attend Donnelly because it is close to my house and I got a scholarship. In my first year at Donnelly, I realized that there are fewer students and great professors. If there is anything students do not understand, the professor always finds a way to explain and make sure students are doing okay. I feel at home in Donnelly. Whatever we need, professors or faculty are always there to help students out. I did not plan to go to Donnelly, but here I am. It is God's plan. I always pray to him, "Lord, I do not know what tomorrow's life is, but I need you. I put my life in your hand, please guide me and make me the kind of person you want me to be. Only you know what is ahead." God is great. Look, I am going to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in May. I ask God what I want in life and have faith that he will grant me, but he gives me what I need. God is so good to me. I am proud to be Catholic and a student of Donnelly. 


What do you do as a Dragon Scholar in Campus Ministry? 

 As a Dragon Scholar in Campus Ministry, I work with students that want to connect to Campus Ministry and with the Pro-life Club.  


Why did you choose Campus Ministry to work in? 

I chose Campus Ministry to work in because it connects students to the pro-life club and I think I can be helpful in their work. Not only does it connect me to that club, but it also connects me to God. Donnelly offers an optional Mass every weekday from 12:05 pm - 1:00 pm which anyone can attend. It is something that I love as a Dragon Scholar. 


What is one thing you have learned by being a Dragon Scholar? 

Being a Dragon Scholar, I have learned to work as a team without focusing entirely on myself. I also develop patience in situations when I have a different opinion or disagree with another member of the team. Every day is a new day. Therefore, I learn new things, new-found knowledge, and able to work with students and professors. 


Would you recommend other students apply to be a Dragon Scholar? Why or why not? 

I would recommend other students apply to be a Dragon Scholar because the work schedule is flexible and you will gain knowledge in an area you might not be familiar with. It is also an on-campus paid position.