Enjoying Our Moments

Geovany Alvarado Portrait

Are you missing the opportunity to travel during Covid-19? If so, you can relive an eye-opening, transformational travel experience for one Donnelly College student during a trip to Costa Rica as part of a travel writing course and study abroad opportunity. 

As part of the experience, Donnelly students completed an essay about their experience. One student, Geovany Alvarado, wrote in his essay, "As we slowly approach the bridge, we all stop dead in our tracks to not only look out for animals around us but to intake the beauty of the park and the scenery of nature. The peaceful calm sound of winds blowing up against the trees alongside birds chirping harmoniously to the wind was music to music to my ears. I felt at peace with myself, forgetting what the past consists of and forgetting what may become the near future. I let my thoughts flush away to just sincerely live in the moment and truly view the scenery in awe."

Read Alvarado's full essay here