Campus Construction Update #10

Exterior Cross on Building

One of the two exterior signs has been placed on the building. The cross faces the South at the corner of 18th and Tauromee. The next sign to be installed will be Donnelly's seal on the East side of the building. 

Also on the exterior of the building, sidewalks and patio concert is being poured. 

driveway and sidewalk

On the left side of the picture above is the Chapel. The interior of the Chapel is coming along very well with stone and windows being installed as you can see below.  

Also on the interior, finishes have started in some areas including paint on the main riser and ceiling elements that provide both decoration and sound absorption in the Academic Resource Center. 

In some areas, sheetrock continues to be sanded in preparation for paint, and safety features such as sprinkler systems are being prepped for install. 

While we continue to be excited about our new space, we are grateful for our current space that has served us well for many decades in our pursuit to provide an exceptional education.

Check back frequently for updates!  To learn more about upcoming plans and how you can get involved, check out the Transformations Campaign website.