Campus Construction Update #6

Exterior shot of windows

The cold weather has not slowed down our dedicated and talented crews. They are working hard through the winter to keep the project on time and budget. 

Man working outside

On the interior of the building, framing is almost complete and awaiting drywall installation which will begin on the third floor. 

Room framed

Interior features such as the main risers and staircase are progressing quickly. 


The chapel is also moving along with framing started and preparations being made for the installation of stained glass windows that were recently removed from the Donnelly Commons that served as a chapel and meeting space in the existing tower for many decades. 


removing windows

The most dramatic transformation has been the installation of the windows. 


windows looking to Ward

New and old buildings

Check back frequently for updates!  To learn more about upcoming plans and how you can get involved, check out the Transformations Campaign website.