Counseling at Donnelly College

Faculty & Staff Counseling Referral

Faculty and staff are often the first to notice a student is struggling. Because the student already has a relationship with you, you may be the person they choose to confide in when something is troubling them.

You may also notice they are having difficulties with grades and/or attendance. This is not always strictly an academic issue. Life worries can also impact a student’s performance. The student may sometimes present with a disheveled appearance or is often sad or angry. 

When this happens - 

  • Try to talk with the student in an area that offers some privacy. 
  • Listen to their concerns. You may feel you are not the best person to help them, but often listening is a powerful intervention.
  • Express empathy and concern.
  • Let them know that while you are happy to listen, there is a professional counselor available to them at no charge and that services are confidential.

At this point you can - 

  • Give the student information regarding how to contact the Counseling Center.
  • Go to the Counseling Center website and help the student request an appointment.
  • Phone the Counseling Center with the student.
  • Walk with the student to the Counseling Center.
  • Use the following referral form to document your recommendation that the student seek counseling. Referral Form

 If a student’s situation is life-threatening to themself or to others, it is critical that you act. Please call the Counseling Center at extension 281, Campus security at 913-514-2155, Assistant VP of Student Affairs at extension 264, and/or 911 to get help. If you encounter this behavior, take it seriously. Be willing to listen and to get professional help immediately.