Transcript - Gateway to College


There are many pathways in life. The pathway through high school to college is one of the most important, because it helps you discover even more pathways to even greater opportunities. A lot of students find their pathways to college through traditional high schools. 

For some of us, it's not so simple. Life gets complicated. Sometimes you fall so far behind, you can't catch up. Gateway to College helps you find your way. 

Gateway students are full of potential, but face challenges that get in the way. Those challenges might seem impossible. Even though you might be behind in credits, and not on track to graduate, it's not too late. You just haven't found an academic pathway that works for you. 

Sound familiar? Then open your gateway to college. At Gateway to College you study on a college campus. You're part of a group of Gateway students-- Your classmates, study partner, and, over time, increasingly good friends. 

Along the way, Gateway to College gives you what you need to do best in the classroom. Along with personal support, to help you navigate life's obstacles. It's not easy, but you can do it. Gateway to College helps you create a pathway to college that works. 

Best of all, as a Gateway student, you're already attending college classes. That means you earn college credits at the same time. 

How great is that? 

Some Gateway students learn a trade and enter the workforce right way. Others focus on prerequisites, taking classes that will help them move on to more specialized education. Regardless of which path you choose, once you've earned your high school diploma through Gateway to College, you're prepared to pursue your dreams. 

I didn't want to leave high school. Gateway to College gave me the opportunity to get back on track. 

Gateway to College has helped me earn a diploma and become a better leader. 

Gateway to College helped me find a job. 

Gateway to College gave me hope for a better future. 

If you're serious about completing your education, Gateway is committed to making your dreams come true. 

Ready to realize your dreams? Then open your gateway to college.