The high-quality academic instruction from outstanding Donnelly faculty, makes the Donnelly difference. Donnelly College's faculty hold degrees from various institutions across the country, including Catholic University of America, Loyola University Chicago, Western Illinois University, Notre Dame, Southern Methodist University, Temple University, Colorado State University, Arizona State University, Rutgers University, Southern Louisiana University, and many more. Our faculty's diverse educational backgrounds, combined with their real-world experience, provide Donnelly students the opportunity to learn from exemplary professionals. 


Paula Console-Soican

Assistant Professor, English

Kate Horvat


Charles Hubbard Adjunct

Charles Hubbard 


Dr. Melissa Lenos 

Associate Professor I Chairperson of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Michelle Lundy 

Assistant Professor, Success First 

Gretchen Meinhardt 

Interim Director of Success First 

Joseph Multhauf 

Assistant Professor, Biology 

Dhuha Shareef

Assistant Professor

Yvonne Telep 

Associate Director 
of Academic Support