JAG-K at Donnelly College

Jobs for America’s Graduates - Kansas (JAG-K) is a program offered to Gateway to College students at Donnelly College. JAG-K aims to guide high school students in exploring career areas, goal setting and leadership development.

JAG-K collaborated with Donnelly College’s Gateway to College program in 2014 as one of 55 partnering schools in Kansas. Donnelly College is currently the only school in the country that has both the Gateway to College program and JAG.

In-School Model

The JAG-K in-school model for the Gateway to College program at Donnelly College serves high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in a classroom setting. The focus is on preparing the students to graduate, explore various career options and develop essential employment skills.

Core Competencies

The national JAG curriculum is based off 37 core competencies that are grouped into six categories.

  1. Career Development
  2. Job Attainment
  3. Job Survival
  4. Basic Skills
  5. Leadership and Self-Development
  6. Personal Skills

Grant Specific Selection Criteria:

JAG-K requires that all students selected to participate in the program must meet certain criteria in accordance with the grant provisions from the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

  1. Student has one academic barrier (A.1-A.9) and two additional barriers

  2. Student has a minimum of five barriers

See the list of JAG Barriers to Success here.

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