Intensive English


Success First Intensive English is a 14-credit hour program for English Language Learners that focuses on phonemic awareness, high-frequency word recognition, reading comprehension, oral fluency, and writing complex sentences and short essays. Classes are taught by an ESL instructor and students participate in two hours of weekly ESL tutoring. The program’s goal is for students to advance to Success First Reading and Writing or regular Donnelly College classes after one semester.  

Class Schedule

Meets Monday-Friday for a 14-credit course (CCS040) focusing on listening/speaking, grammar, reading and writing skills.

Class Day/Time


T, R, F / 9:00-10:50 AM
M,W / 9:00-11:50 AM


*Two-hours of additional mandatory ESL tutoring scheduled at discretion of instructor/student
=14 hours/ Full-Time (no other courses allowed)

Program Learning Outcomes 

  • Understanding of phonemic awareness, word analysis, and high frequency word recognition. 
  • Expansion of their recognition and usage of vocabulary. 
  • Reading strategies that build comprehension. 
  • Improved oral fluency. 
  • Production of complex sentences and short essays. 

Program Evaluation

Donnelly has a well-established assessment system for evaluating all of its academic programs, including Success First. Standard indicators used to measure student achievement include attendance records, test scores, course grades, in-class assessments, and semester and cumulative grade point averages (GPAs).  Additional indicators used to measure overall program effectiveness include number and percent of students achieving target outcomes—English language fluency, proficiency in oral and written communication and college readiness. Because the goal of the Success First program is to prepare students to be successful in college-level classes, we also track students’ subsequent performance in Composition I and II and First-Year Experience. Finally, we track the percentage of Donnelly graduates who completed their degree program after beginning their college journeys in Success First. 

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