Intensive English at Donnelly College

Intensive English

Success First Intensive English courses are designed for students who need to strengthen their English before enrolling in college-level courses. 

Meets Monday-Friday for a 14-credit course (CCS040) focusing on listening/speaking, grammar, reading and writing skills.

Success First Intensive English


M,W,F 9-10:50 a.m.

T,R 9-11:50 a.m.

**2 hours of additional mandatory tutoring scheduled at discretion of teacher/student.

=14 hours/Full Time (no other courses allowed)

Program Learning Outcomes 

  • To have students give clear presentations to a small group using organized physical or mental notes, visuals, posture, speaking volume and speed, and enthusiasm.
  • To help students speak naturally and comfortably with correct pronunciation of word endings, key word stress, reduced function words, and linking sounds.
  • To refine students’ reading comprehension skills and strategies at an intermediate-high level.
  • To have students recognize and start to evaluate structure, main ideas, supporting details, topics, and titles and skim, scan, and order events in intermediate-high level texts.
  • To hone students’ language skills through paraphrasing and summarizing of long stories without plagiarizing, producing grammatically correct sentences or questions,
  • To have students apply academic vocabulary in a personal context.

Need more information? Contact:

Lisa Stoothoff
Director of Success First 
(913) 621-8726