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NOTE: This academic program is part of the University of Kansas (KU), and the certificate credential will be issued by KU. Donnelly College students may pursue this certificate though KU while maintaining status as a student at Donnelly.  While courses will be held remotely on the Donnelly College campus, courses will be taught by KU faculty. This is not a program of Donnelly College. 

Donnelly College student may pursue an undergraduate certificate program in Intelligence and National Security Studies (INSS) through the University of Kansas. The Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence (ICCAE) Scholars program assists undergraduate students in developing critical skills needed for future work in the intelligence community. 

Courses will be taught remotely by a University of Kansas instructor and facilitated on-site at Donnelly College. 

The undergraduate INSS certificate introduces students to the highly desired skills and competencies necessary to work within the US Intelligence Community. As an ICCAE Scholar, students in the program increase their critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, which can be applied to any area of study or profession. 

Why Study Intelligence & National Security?

The US Intelligence Community employs people from diverse cultural backgrounds with a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students who gradaute aware of and prepared for intelligence careers, enter the workforce with an edge over other applicants. From military to government agencies, to nonprofit and the coporate sector, ICCAE Scholars increase their career potential in this dynamic field. 

Certificate Coursework & Requirements

To earn the INSS certificate, students must (1) complete 12-hours of required INSS courses, and (2) participate in one additional intelligence-related experience:

(1) Required courses: 

POLS 125: Introduction to Intelligence & Statecraft (3 hrs) 
POLS 130: US Intelligence Community (3 hrs) 
POLS 325: Intelligence Analytics (3 hrs) 
POLS 345: Counterintelligence (3 hrs) 

(2) Intelligence community-related experiences:

  • a study abroad semester program
  • participate in 20-hours of campus activities with an INSS focus, such as lectures, workshops and other events  

Two options to participate

Option 1 - ICCAE Scholar and Certificate track

Students in the ICCAE Scholars Program track complete 4 core courses, plus 20 hours of extracurricular activities related to the intelligence field to obtain a certificate In Intelligence and National Security Studies. Participation in this track includes additional workforce support, mentorship, research funding and more. This track is best suited for those interested in a career in an intelligence field. 

In order to be eligible to participate as an ICCAE Scholar, Donnelly students must be: 

  • interested in pursuing a career in the US Intelligence Community 
  • have a current 3.0 (or higher) GPA
  • be a U.S. Citizen, eligible for a security clearance 

Option 2 - Certificate-only track

Students in the Certificate-only track complete 4 core courses, plus 20 hours of extracurricular activities related to the intelligence field to obtain a certificate in Intelligence and National Security Studies. There are no additional admissions requirements for Donnelly students to participate in this track. This track is best suited for those interested in obtaining a general understanding about the intelligence field. 


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