Letter from the Director

Welcome to Donnelly College! 

It is an exciting time for the Department of Baccalaureate Programs. We have been growing our programs and we are excited to offer students two outstanding educational opportunities that include a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Leadership. Our goal of advancing these programs and educating students to become highly skilled professionals in a modern business environment validates our commitment to students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed academically while preparing them for future careers.  

Our Bachelor’s Degree Programs focus on preparing you for in-demand opportunities. Each of our programs are designed to provide you with the educational experience in the classroom while also providing you with the opportunity to study with superb faculty who are strongly committed to their roles as teachers, as leaders in their field, and their commitment to the mission of Donnelly College.   

In addition to the individual baccalaureate programs, Donnelly College also offers a variety of academic support and career development services. These support services provide students with the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff members as wall as industry and community leaders while offering extracurricular social and professional development opportunities.  

The faculty and staff of Donnelly College welcome your interest in our Baccalaureate Programs. To learn more about the details of our Bachelor’s Degree programs, I would like to invite you to explore our programs online or reach out to me personally with any questions. You may also contact the Office of Admissions at 913-621-8706 or admissions@donnelly.edu.  


Richard Wallace Ph.D. 
Director of Baccalaureate Programs