Two students studying for their degree in Donnelly College. They are in programs such associate degrees, bachelor's degrees such as business leadership and information systems and information technology or nursing programs. Students get scholarships and financial aid at Donnelly which helps to make Donnelly the most affordable private college in Kansas or Missouri.

Bachelor's in Information Systems

Want to have a career in technology? Our innovative, new Bachelor of Science in Information Systems program will provide you with the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and will prepare you for well-paying management opportunities in the information systems industry.

This degree is for learners interested in current technology — especially the area of understanding how computers process, manage and communicate information. Through this program, you will gain training that allows you to succeed in the workplace, as well as a developed ability to apply theories and concepts to an information systems-centered work environment.

Information Systems Program Learning Outcomes

In addition to the general education learning outcomes – communication skills, technology and information literacy skills, symbolic problem solving, analytical thinking, personal and interpersonal skills, academic inquiry, and values – upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, students will demonstrate:

  1. An ability to communicate effectively on multidisciplinary teams with a wide range of people.
  2. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern computing tools necessary for technological practice.
  3. The aptitude to analyze qualitative and quantitative data to make informed decisions.
  4. An ability to ethically design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.
  5. The capacity to function effectively on teams that understand the impact technology has in a local, national, and global context.
  6. Recognition of the need for, and willingness to engage in life-long learning through a continuous investigation of contemporary issues.
  7. The capacity to make informed decisions in computing practice based on an understanding of professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities.


Partnership Highlight 

BARR Advisory, a Kansas City-based cybersecurity auditing and consulting firm, has partnered with Donnelly College to offer scholarship support for qualified students in the IS program, internships where our students can gain valuable hands-on experience and consultation on curiculum development to make sure students are workforce-ready. 

Check with Financial Aid for more information about scholarship opportuniteis. 

Check with Career Services for more information about internships. 

BARR Advisory is a leading provider of IT governance, risk and compliance services for today’s nimble enterprise.

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